Basic PDUs

thumbs basic pdu Basic PDUs


Designed for reliable and cost effective power distribution, Basic PDUs have the form factor and outlet choices to meet your needs. All PDUs, including basic PDUs, are made of rugged aluminium or steel chassis and incorporate fully shrouded circuit breakers and switches.

Product Snapshot

Input Rating:          230V~400V (50/60Hz)
Power Range:        2.3kW -22kW 
Protection:             10-32AMP Circuit Breaker


Cabinet Power Monitor
Temperature & Humidity Sensor


Descriptions (V) (A) (U) Input Plug Output Receptacles Protection
Basic PDU 10A 230V 230V 10A 1U C14 (8) C13 (1) 10A
Basic PDU 16A 230V 230V 16A 1U C20 (8) C13 (1) 16A
Metered PDU 16A 230V 230V 16A 1U C19 (8) C13 (1) 16A